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Bring Extra Belongings On Your Next Camping Trip with the SuperTruss!

When you’re going out on a camping trip, you want to be able to bring not only your camper, but also some of the comforts of home in an extra trailer, a horse trailer to ride the trails or a boat for fun in the sun. Australia is a big continent surrounded by water – and some of the best camping spots are near the water! But how can you bring more with you on your next caravan trip? Click here to see the video for your answer… 

“This short video shows the Torklift SuperTruss connection between a Dodge Ram and Karakar Horse Trailer. All whilst carrying a Lance Slide On Camper. The Torklift SuperTruss is a must with your next Lance Camper purchase.

These products allow the comfort of home to be carried on your vehicle (in the form of a slide on camper) whilst still towing your boat, horse float, motorsport trailer, box trailer or work trailer……”

Thank you, Lance Campers, for sharing such a great video demonstrating the capabilities of the SuperTruss Extension! Rated to safely tow up to 6,350 km and 635 kg tongue weight on a 53 cm extension, and 5,443 kg towing rating and 544 kg tongue weight on a 1.2 m extension. Instead of having to leave your horses at home, you can go riding on your next Outback adventure, or you can bring the boat to do some snorkeling and then camping under the stars that evening.


Features of the SuperTruss Extension include:

Designed for campers up to 3.6 meters
Available in eight lengths from 53 cm to 1.5 m
Hardened reinforced hitch pin locations
Highest capacity in the industry (5,443 kg at 1.21 m)
Uses patented, lateral-support safety chains
• Optional SkidWheel available
• Legendary Lifetime Warranty
• Proudly made in the USA

† 5,443 kg pulling capacity, 544 kg tongue wt. achieved only when used with weight distribution type system. See Dealer for details, Weight carrying capacity on 1.2 m extension, 2,721 kg pull, 272 kg tongue wt. Consult your vehicle owners manual for specific towing capacity. Your truck and trailer weight cannot exceed your vehicle manufacturers towing, cargo, or GCVWR.


Why play a guessing game with your safety? Tow with the SuperTruss instead!The SuperTruss receiver extension is a one-of-a-kind tow extension that works with the SuperHitch to easily allow you to tow despite your slide on camper overhang’s best efforts to thwart that ability. With the highest towing capacity in the industry, the SuperHitch SuperTruss features hardened, reinforced hitch pin locations and patented, lateral-support safety chains to safely tow your trailer with strength and stability.

 SuperHitch Hero 15K receiver – 6803 kg pull, 680 kg tongue*
• SuperHitch Original 20K receiver – 9,071 kg pull, 907 kg tongue*
• SuperHitch Magnum 30K receiver – 13,607 kg pull, 1,360 kg tongue*

*When used with weight distribution.


Contact us today to learn more about the Torklift SuperTruss and SuperHitch combo:

Torklift International 


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It’s time to put your foot down! Get All Terrain Landing Gear for Torklift GlowSteps

Battle slanted campgrounds and uneven terrain with All Terrain Landing Gear

How often have you pulled into a caravanning spot and found that it was perfectly level and solid throughout the entire site? The odds of that are probably close to winning the Lotto. Most likely, the earth beneath your RV steps are uneven, whether from gravel, dirt, or grass, causing a hazard every time you go in or out of your slide on camper. Add to this the thoughts of having to prepare for an Olympic diving attempt when you exit your RV or camper, you have the recipe for a nerve wrecking experience multiple times a day.

Picture2Torklift has revolutionized the way travel enthusiasts enter and exit their caravans with the Torklift GlowStep product line. GlowSteps are a unique scissor step system which meets the ground when unfolded, offering a solution to the springy feeling that comes with standard towable caravan and slide on entry steps. With the GlowSteps and All Terrain Landing Gear, you no longer have to deal with using extra RV booster steps that are often unstable and a hassle to store. Whether you need two camper steps or six, the Torklift GlowStep line has the right fit for your slide on camper or trailer.

Original GlowStep features include:

  • Self illuminating steps slide on camper steps glow in the dark for 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure - no batteries
  • Safely enter and exit your slide on camper or caravan after dark
  • SureGrip™ step tread provides no-slip surface (no grip tape)
  • Stores in position and lockable to prevent theft
  • 100% aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel
  • Step system accessories (Sold separately): Handrail, pet safety barriers, shoe cleaning attachment and adjustable landing gear
  • Stainless bolted hinges allow for easy step addition or removal (Add-A-Step Kit Part # A7501)
  • Exclusive: adjusts to basement model campers
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty


Torklift has taken the GlowStep one step further with the creation of another accessory, adjustable stabilising feet called the All Terrain Landing Gear. This addition creates a solid Earth to caravan connection and adjusts to adapt to uneven terrain, leveling caravan steps or leveling slide on camper entry steps with the use of independently adjustable feet at the bottom of the steps.

Picture4This landing gear comes included as standard on the Torklift GlowStep Revolution step system for towables or can be added to any Original GlowStep system giving slide on entry steps the ability to adapt to any terrain, rough or smooth, level or not.

All Terrain Landing Gear features:

  • All Terrain Landing Gear levels on uneven terrain
  • Can be retrofitted to fit all original GlowSteps and other step systems (GlowStep Revolution comes with All Terrain Landing Gear included)
  • Earth to RV: Level connection, securing the caravan to the ground
  • Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium (rust free) and stainless steel fasteners, tested at 1,400 pounds per pair
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty

Word on the street
On a popular US-based online forum, someone purchased a slide out caravan that already was upgraded with the Torklift GlowSteps. Luck was on their side! Without knowing about Torklift’s GlowSteps, they inquired whether or not they should keep or replace the steps.

“[The previous owner] replaced the original steps with the Torklift GlowSteps as the original ones got in the way of the trailer he was towing.” - Maxum1989

Picture5The response on the forum was unanimous – the Torklift GlowSteps is a step above the rest, with multiple recommendations to also add the All Terrain Landing Gear.

“I have a set and I like them better than other steps that I have seen.”
- 69Avion

“Stick with the Glow Steps.”

“Upgrade the Glow steps with Torklift Landing Gear.”
- Wcjeep

See the full post and responses by clicking here.

Let’s recap, shall we? Torklift has changed the step game with the GlowStep glide on camper step line. Creating a safe way to enter or exit your camper day or night, with multiple options and add-ons to fit your needs. Installing camper steps is made easy and adjustment is painless. With unique bushing bearings and stainless steel bolted hinges for smooth function, Torklift steps provide ultimate level of quality and longevity. The Torklift All Terrain Landing Gear gives your steps the solid earth to caravan connection on any surface. Stability and safety for your family is what it’s all about.

To add the All Terrain Landing Gear to your existing GlowStep slide on camper steps, contact us using the information below.


Torklift International
1901 Fryar Ave Sumner, WA 98390


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11 reasons the FastGun Turnbuckle is No.1 truck camper turnbuckle in the World

Truck Camper If you are just getting started in the world of camping, you’ll be faced to make some decisions on how you want to go about hauling your new investment. Things you should consider are safety, stability and convenience so you can thoroughly enjoy the slide on camper lifestyle.

To hold down your slide on, the type of tie down and turnbuckle you choose is important. If you are still considering what type of tie down hold down straps to use, we highly suggest frame-mounted tie down hold down straps to prevent damage to your truck while hauling. If you’ve selected a tie down system, what’s the next step in determining what you need to haul a slide on camper?

Turnbuckles are critical in connecting your truck and slide on camper to its tie down system. When it comes to turnbuckles, you might be wondering what design will work best for your application. The Torklift International FastGun turnbuckle is the best turnbuckle available.

Here’s 11 Reasons why:

1) Installs in just four minutes
As the fastest turnbuckle application available, you will not find a more convenient turnbuckle on the market in the world. Other applications may require tools and adjustment, forcing you to spend up to 30 minutes to secure your flat tray camper. Once assembled, adjustment of the FastGun turnbuckles only takes four minutes.

Take a look at how to install a slide on camper turnbuckle in this quick video:

2) Quick-disconnect handle for ease of use
Picture2The disconnect feature of the Torklift International FastGun makes adjustment extraordinarily quick and easy. After inserting the hook bolt of the turnbuckle into the anchor point, the lever action handle allows for you to simply snap down to secure your turnbuckle to your slide on camper and make sure it is properly tensioned.

3) 100% tool free
Picture3Go ahead and toss those pliers and spanners aside. This slide on turnbuckle is completely hassle-free and does not require any tools to make minor adjustments. Simply twist the turnbuckle to adjust its length.

4) Set it and forget it
Once your FastGun turnbuckle is adjusted to the proper length, the turnbuckles remain set at the length you’ve chosen, requiring little to no further adjustment. The FastGun also comes with stickers for you to mark their proper location. Mark whether they are driver or passenger side, front or back position to allow for easy re-installation.

Picture4FastGun turnbuckle label indicates position on your vehicle

5) Made in America for Australians from quality materials
The body of the turnbuckle is made from 100% stainless steel. The lever-action handle is made from aircraft grade aluminium. Due to the durability of these materials, each FastGun turnbuckle boasts a pull down rating of 1134 kg. With four of these turnbuckles securing your camper, you can be confident your camper is stable while on the road.

6) Multiple applications
Picture5Although we recommend a frame-mounted hold down system to secure a slide on, the FastGun turnbuckles can be used with both frame-mounted and bed-mounted tie down systems. Torklift does not make a bed-mounted tie down system but other brands do.

Long Range FastGuns are made for frame-mounted tie downs with a reach of 63.5 cm – 109.2 cm. These are also used for rear bumper mounted tie downs. The Short Range or “.45” style is designed for bed-mounted tie downs with a reach of 36.8 cm – 54.6 cm.

Picture6Short Range FastGun turnbuckle

7) Spring-loadedPicture7
In order to prevent damage to the anchor points on your slide on, the FastGun turnbuckles are spring-loaded to allow some give when your truck encounters uneven road conditions. Torklift strongly recommends using spring-loaded turnbuckles on all four points of the camper because the spring design acts as a shock absorber for those rough Australian roads. This protects the tie down system and camper anchor points from damage.

8) Guarantee proper tension
Picture8The FastGun turnbuckle features patented spring tension indicators to ensure proper installation and tension to hold down the camper.

It is very important to apply the correct amount of tension when tightening your FastGun turnbuckles. With the spring tension indicator, be confident the tension is correct every time. Torklift are the only turnbuckles with patented O-ring tension indicators.

9) Locking capabilityPicture9
Lock your FastGun turnbuckles with Torklift FastGun Locks. A set of four locks is needed to secure your FastGuns and prevent potential theft. This locking feature allows you to protect your investment and enjoy a worry-free experience on the road. With a snap lock design, the locks are keyed alike for convenience. Protective weather caps prevent weather damage and road grime.

Picture1010) Personalize with a variety of finishes
With the potential to match your slide on with your turnbuckles or pick your favorite colour, Torklift provides a variety of choices. The FastGun turnbuckles come in several finishes including Polished, Hammertone Black, Hammertone Gray, Hammertone Bright White and all are made of stainless steel. The turnbuckles are precision made and high impact powder-coated.

11) The Torklift brand promise
Torklift is the single manufacturer of this unique style turnbuckle. What makes the Torklift brand important? It means that we stand by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty that will cover your FastGun turnbuckles. Also, when you use the FastGun turnbuckles with Torklift frame-mounted tie downs, the lifetime warranty extends to the truck frame and camper anchor points for the extent of its manufacturer warranty. Give us a call at 1800-621-963 for more details.

Torklift International
1901 Fryar Ave Sumner, WA 98390


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Get Locked and Loaded for A Day at the Beach

camping-generatorSpend a day or long weekend on the coast!
Everyone loves going to the coast and spending a day or whole weekend just enjoying the water and being with family and friends. You can use your caravan to bring portable generators, food and a refrigerator, water toys and many more items that you would need for a day or weekend trip.



Below is a description of one of the best ways of storing a generator and preventing campsite theft and its name is the Lock and Load from Torklift International. With this caravan hitch carrier, you can bring extra power or fun with you.



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Slide on Camper Turnbuckle Choices

AU truck camper 15It's easy to determine which turnbuckle works best for youKnowing which kind of slide on camper turnbuckles to use can be tricky, especially when it comes to enduring the Australian outback and its extreme temperatures. When it comes to turnbuckles, you might be wondering what design will work best for your application. Because there are several different types of turnbuckle models for different types of slide on camper hold downs, we are here to help you determine what type of camper turnbuckles you will need. Below is a short list of the different kinds of tie downs for slide on campers that you will run into and what each of them do.


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Tips to tee up your slide on camper or caravan step system

The Torklift International GlowStep Series is the most versatile scissor step system available. As universal RV scissor steps, the aircraft grade aluminum steps range from two to six steps and easily adjust to fit the needs of your slide on camper, caravan or campervan. With accessories to increase safety and stability, select components and build a step system to accommodate your needs.

When selecting the scissor step system for your RV, ask yourself these three standard questions:

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Have truck sag Outback? Get StableLoad!


When you take your slide-on camper, campervan or pull a caravan off road into the Outback, you may experience sag in the rear of your truck.  To reduce truck sag during heavy hauling, many people jump to the conclusion that their truck is not already equipped to handle the added weight without costly suspension upgrades.  In reality, if your truck is equipped with upper or lower overload leaf springs, Torklift International offers a product that can unleash your truck’s maximum hauling potential that the factory engineers already equipped it with.  

It’s not magic, it’s StableLoad and this is how it works:

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RV steps that are as rugged as your rig

Your RV steps serve a simple purpose: to help you enter and exit your RV safely and with ease. Unfortunately many RV scissor steps and RV flip up steps fail to live up to these most basic of standards. If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with your factory RV steps or aftermarket RV steps, take a look at Torklift GlowStep:

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Truck camper turnbuckles ready for the Australian outback

turnbuckleThe Australian outback isn’t to be trifled with when it comes to how you choose to secure your truck camper to your truck.  As a world-renowned manufacturer of truck camper turnbuckles, Torklift International is ready to help you find your next truck camping adventure with our Derringer Handles that can turn any old-fashioned turnbuckle system into a quick disconnect lever action turnbuckle.

Here's how they work:

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Three reasons Torklift slide on Derringer Handles make life easier in the bush

banner derringer

When you take your slide on camper out into the bush, the last thing you want to worry about is your slide on turnbuckles. Torklift International manufactures slide on truck camper fittings for just about every rig you can think of.

Here are three ways our Derringer Handle slide-on turnbuckles can make life easier for you while you’re out on the road:


No more torqueing

wrenchDerringer Handles tighten with ease


Standard slide on turnbuckles require that you tighten them down by hand and/or with a lever until they are at the proper tension.  Anyone who’s ever had to do this in the heat of the Outback or any temperature has most likely broken a sweat or at the very least, exerted themselves and wasted valuable time much more than they needed to.  Torklift Derringer Handles transform standard turnbuckles into an easy operation.  By engaging and disengaging easily with the flip of a handle, you can leave your makeshift turnbuckle-tightening lever at home and save yourself the trouble of torqueing on your fittings.




AU truck camper 28Secure your slide-in with proper tension

Set and forget

With old style turnbuckles, achieving proper tension with your slide-in camper turnbuckle system is a process that has to be performed every time you tighten the turnbuckles.  With Torklift Derringer Handles, once you find the proper tension to set the turnbuckles at, the Handles return them to that tension every time you close them.  Set, forget and get on with enjoying your trip.




AU truck camper 29Derringer Handles are adaptableUpgrading your turnbuckles with Torklift Derringer Handles is easier than you might think. You don’t have to waste money swapping out your entire current turnbuckle system – Torklift Derringer Handles connect to any type of rigging. The Handles come with a galvanised eye that allows you to connect to turnbuckle systems via chain, 13 mm (½”) threaded rod and any eyebolt or hook type of turnbuckle.

Make slide-in caravanning easy with Torklift Derringer Handles.



Contact us today to learn more:

Torklift International


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